Montag, 9. Juli 2018


formic syntax c44

"formic syntax" began as an experiment in sound-design which organically grew into a full-length album. composed primarily in berlin, with additional work being done in poland, each piece focuses on the unique capabilities of both fm and granular synthesis methods to create new auditory landscapes. the album embraces opposing spectrums of ambience and chaos - approaches to music which utterly fascinate me - with a focus on densely layered and intricately detailed construction, subtly backed with heavily-effected and distorted field recordings recorded, mostly, in and around Berlin city. (alex leonard aka ebauche) 
sometimes heavy, sometimes dense electronic sounds. this tape helps you to navigate through your urban life. 

ferro tape,
home-dubbed in real time.
professionally printed j-card,
artwork by adrianna snochowska.
limited to 70 hand-numbered copies.

sold out at source!

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