Samstag, 28. September 2019


günter schlienz
"the concept around those tracks is relatively loose. first i was fascinated by the idea of how jules lissajous made acoustic vibrations visible in his experiments. i think this has a vibe of synaesthesia, so some pieces are an attempt to transform certain memories and the associated emotions into sound.
furthermore, the projections lissajous made in the 19th century must had been very pretty and i'm fascinated by the fact that we perceive integer mathematical relationships as nice, no matter if perceived acoustically or optically. so i did the drones which can be heard on this album rather optically than musically, i took a look at the lissajous image of the drones in the oscilloscope and then decided if i would use it. i also love all these enlightened natural scientists of the 18th and 19th centuries. they were really crazy in a way that seems almost funny to us today. real freaks.
so for me this album feels like a bit of a self-propagation with a twinkle in the eye."
electronic music to comfort your restless mind.

limited edition 140gr black vinyl. 
cover photography by paul skomsvold, edited by katya velkova.
single copy €15.-

prices including postage

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