Samstag, 28. September 2019


günter schlienz
"the concept around those tracks is relatively loose. first i was fascinated by the idea of how jules lissajous made acoustic vibrations visible in his experiments. i think this has a vibe of synaesthesia, so some pieces are an attempt to transform certain memories and the associated emotions into sound.
furthermore, the projections lissajous made in the 19th century must had been very pretty and i'm fascinated by the fact that we perceive integer mathematical relationships as nice, no matter if perceived acoustically or optically. so i did the drones which can be heard on this album rather optically than musically, i took a look at the lissajous image of the drones in the oscilloscope and then decided if i would use it. i also love all these enlightened natural scientists of the 18th and 19th centuries. they were really crazy in a way that seems almost funny to us today. real freaks.
so for me this album feels like a bit of a self-propagation with a twinkle in the eye."
electronic music to comfort your restless mind.

limited edition 140gr black vinyl. 
cover photography by paul skomsvold, edited by katya velkova.
single copy €15.-

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ambient2, in space
"hello chodura is a decent man. though being a famous celebrity due to his epoch-making works 'Weltraumfahrt - Mit 72 bunten Bildern zum Einkleben' he always stayed modest. one late summer he invited navel to his dacha amidst a tremendous fairytale-like garden far out in the middle of nowhere to record with him. though he had promised us some sessions with him as a guide for our endavours, he left shortly after we arrived and only returned just before we left. his dacha just offered enough space for our numerous guitars, magnetic tape machines and effects, due to the circumstance that hello had left his own equipment there. a giant telescope out front of the hut, and then there was this metal housing as tall as a man equipped only with a single magic eye tube, a large switch and a small enamel plate reading somewhat like "time scope accomodator" in cyrillic letters. we made use of this machine throughout all of the recordings, never really being able to figure out what the machine was actually doing. except that we always sort of felt this strange aura of the dacha, seemingly synchronizing the brainwaves paradigmatically in terms of time and space. the listener of this fine vinyl album will perhaps catch a glimpse of what navel had experienced while recording the music. thanks to everyone who tries, and to the great hello chodura."
beautiful ambient music for the weirdo in you. buy this record to switch on your time scope accomodator immediately!

limited edition 140gr black vinyl. cover photography by günter schlienz.
single copy €15.-

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much time no horse
"niko breathes music. i have never met a person who could judge the being, the soul, the future and the past of a piece of music faster. but the most amazing thing about him is the fact that he is able to play this piece at the same time on almost any given instrument. with or without notes. his musical works lie like stones behind him along a rather winding path. in the 90s he taught the kids in england and france how to dance with drums in the teutonic style, always smiling all along the motorik way. he gave countless releases in many genres the very last polish, but very often also the kick-off. now and then the audience could listen to one of his releases, which appeared with various projects on various labels in germany and abroad. cosmic winnetou is proud to announce this release, because with it he presents one of his milestones on my tiny little label for the second time. recorded with the expert help of christoph, joachim, klemens, michael und roland, niko shows with his guitar and drums which power a lovingly demanding music can have. mostly instrumental his pieces describe how chamber music could sound in the 21st century. his chamber is just to the left of the hill, the stars in the skylight. niko exhales." 
(günter schlienz)
wonderful guitar music about your personal longings and and the obstacles along the course. 
go and buy this record, you will enjoy the ride!

limited edition 140gr black vinyl. artwork by niko lazarakopoulos.
single copy €15.-

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