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the baijkonour ghost c64
the self titled debut of the late 1960ies outfit "the baijkonour ghost" surely was one of the great psychedelic albums of that decade. only few copies had been made, and unfortunately nothing is known of what had happened to the original reels, so this wonderful gem was lost to the audience. but more than 50 years later ralv milberg detected a tape of the recordings - the sound of which really was in bad conditions though - in a warehouse in a backyard of the south of stuttgart. immediately being electrified by this music, ralv played it to a number of friends. they all shared his entusiasm. one of them, historician by profession, did some research and soon it turned out that sons of the original musicians are still alive, living in sevastopole. along with the tape he had also found construction plans of the recording studios where "the baijkonour ghost" had once been recorded at, and as they mysteriously also had had the name milberg studios, he decided to rebuild the premises in order to re-record this great lost album. passionated as always he decided to do this with some descendants of the original musicians. so gage & floyd (navel) were invited to come over from sevastopole to record with ralv milberg & dirk burger (krautheim).
mysterious kraut-drone for nostalgic space travellers. get a copy before this great album ist lost again. 
chrome tape,
home-dubbed in real time.
professionally printed j-card.
artwork by thierry moreau.
limited to 80 hand-numbered copies.
sold out at source!
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