Sonntag, 5. Oktober 2014

cw23 & sicsic84

günter schlienz,
hering und seine sieben sachen
tour tape 2014
günter schlienz - 7th vision
recorded winter 2013 with a diy modular synthesizer.
thanks to ralv for the field-recording.

micromelancolié is robert skrzynski.
recorded in 2013 with no-input mixing board, samples & dictaphone.
edited in 2014 with computer.

hering und seine sieben sachen is daniel voigt.
"musica mobilis" is inspired by the same-titled text from shuhei hosokawa.
the piece was played live on 3 portable cassette players. 

this tape is co-released by sicsic tapes & cosmic winnetou.
edition of 75. homedubbed chromez, stay reel!
photography, design & layout by robert skrzynski

sold out at source!
digital copy available at 
sicsic bandcamp

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