Montag, 9. Juli 2018


the gnome's pond c46

far away from civilisation there's a place in a distant nowhere, a spot invisible from space and therefore providing a clear sight into it. there time meanders like the whispering streams and elves, gnomes and toads chase ancient myths around a pond. here space has a different sound that literally resets the patterns of experiencing the dialog with musical instruments. that's what happened to gage, floyd and rahel in that barn by the gnome's pond in summer 2017.
krauty music inspired by weirdo outsiders like thoreau or roedelius. play this tape to move into your rural frame of mind and heal your wounds stroken by everyday life.

ferro tape,
home-dubbed in real time.
professionally printed j-card,
artwork by adrianna snochowska.
limited to 70 hand-numbered copies.


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