Mittwoch, 23. Oktober 2019


günter schlienz
know your new age LP
”know your new age”, a third album by günter schlienz released on zoharum, is a great treat both for devout followers of his work and also the newbies. starting with the shimmering of seawaves, it takes you on a journey through the universe created by one mr. schlienz. inspired by the works of peter-michael hamel, deuter and eberhard schoener, he has created 6 meditative composition clocking in at 52 minutes. schlienz merely takes cues from his masters to develop a unique sound based on sonic structures built on his own modular synthesizer interspersed with occasional acoustic guitar accompaniment and subtle field recordings. after organ studies, music for space airports and musical interpretation of autumn, this album would be best experienced meditating on the seashore. yes, ”know your new age” lives up to its title. 
(michal porwet / zoharum)
this is music to heal your soul.

limited edition on transparent vinyl.
single copy €15.-
prices including postage

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