Samstag, 3. März 2012


äpfel & birnen c46
I had some spare time after I had finished school in summer 2010, so I sat down in our basement and played, using the instruments, effects, and what not that had stranded around me over the years. just like robinson crusoe. with the small difference that I wasn´t on an isolated island and I had electricity. and there are probably not as many wild animals and there's not as much vegetation in my basement. and there´s no sea, too. and the view is probably not as nice... at least you don´t get bothered by sand in your natal left all the time.

funny and bit eccentric, always surprising guitar based kraut. music for lonely islands.
# - äpfel und birnen (medley) by cosmic winnetou

pro-dubbed cassette limited to 25 hand-numbered copies.
artwork by alec barth.

sold out!

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