Samstag, 3. März 2012


e jugend
live at bühl c44
on this tape, e jugend recorded live at the opening of the exhibition “things could be different, but they’re not” by german artist jyrgen ueberschär. they evolve through various moods incorporating drones, samples, tape loops, eleven instruments and found sounds, in front of a half-hearted local black forest folk. inquiries after the opening revealed an increasing acceptance on the part of the interviewees concerning eg real estate projects adjacent to their properties. yet e jugend have declined a £ 21,000-advertisement offer of a british realty company and continue to exercise childrens’ football skills instead. e jugend is a side project for members of ma cherie for painting and baja. since 1985 they have been referring to themselves as no. 5 and no. 9.
integrated work of art by kraut veterans. watch out for being part of the concept.
e jugend - live at bühl (medley) by cosmic winnetou

pro-dubbed cassette limited to 25 hand-numbered copies.
artwork by alec barth.

sold out!

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