Donnerstag, 14. November 2013


flamingo creatures
nacht fressen c42

unconventional music, similary to abstract painting, can be created not merely for evident beauty or relatable meaning but rather to evoke an emotion that lays deeper, beyond whatever is visible (or audible) on the surface. [...] this release is neither shallow nor pedantic. quite the contrary, nacht fressen is a truly insane case study on noise, ambience and field recordings. appreciating it as a true work of art is a no brainer.  
peter goodwin, goldrush festival fanzine.
forget your art school classes, art is for fun. proof? this tape!
Flamingo Creatures - Nacht Fressen (medley) by cosmic winnetou

chrome tape,
home-dubbed in real time.
professionally printed j-card.
artwork by artwork by jens fleischer, winkhorst travel services.
limited to 70 hand-numbered copies.
sold out at source!
please get in touch with our distro partner

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