Sonntag, 17. November 2013

fifth batch sold out at source!

just a few days and all the tapes are gone.
thanks to everybody who ordered a tape or even the whole batch, or just getting in touch with me.
all this support is much appreciated, makes me going on!

josh at tomentosa will have a few copies of each tape soon,
so if you still need your dose of cosmic sounds please visit his page.

or you visit the artist's sites, each of those great people have a few artist copies for sale:
pulse emitter
flamingo creatures
dave from rasing holy sparks just wrote me this:
"so if anyone is looking for a copy I can surely sell a few.
€5 per cassette. rep. of ireland / n. Ireland: add €1.50 p&p.
rest of world: add €2.50 p&p. paypal to

thanks again for your support!
i'll be back soon!

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