Donnerstag, 14. November 2013


raising holy sparks
bright angel trail c40
'one by one the cities fell, the lights went out. the world was dissolving, taking its stories with it. soon it would be gone... the green fields of summer, the abandoned, time-stilled towns, the forests thick with shadow... they were like a vision, they had slipped into eternity, a zone beyond time. there and not there, a presence unseen but felt, like stars in the daytime sky.' justin cronin, the twelve
dark and mysterious music for heathen dances around the fire in your living room. immerse yourself in ancient wisdom.
Raising Holy Sparks - Bright Angel Trail (medley) by cosmic winnetou  
chrome tape,
home-dubbed in real time.
professionally printed j-card.
artwork by jens fleischer, winkhorst travel services.
limited to 70 hand-numbered copies.
sold out at source!
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