Donnerstag, 11. Februar 2016


guenter schlienz 
book of dreams 
"book of dreams" was inspired by notes about dreams i wrote down shortly after i woke up from my sleep. in those strange moments between phantasy and reality, when you can still remember the images and feelings of the dream before they are rubbed off by daytime thoughts and troubles. the compositions which can be heard on this album trying to recapture those images and feelings, mixed with a second thought, kind of a sober interpretation of the sometimes wild and furious adventures with somnia.
 modular synth stuff for inner explorations.

edition of 100 hand-numbered copies,
75x 180gr black vinyl, 25x 180gr red vinyl. (sold out!)  
vinyl comes in polylined paper sleeves,
pro-printed hand-affixed book cover cloth on black cardbord jacket.
cover arts presented by jrygen ueberschär.

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