Donnerstag, 11. Februar 2016


e jugend
history works

this album has been on a hold literally for ages and for diverse reasons. "history works" earmarks the final installment in e jugend’s work trilogy that led to previously released albums "formate heaven syntax hell" (saucerlike recordings, 2001) and "last exit wedding" (taping desk o-phon mania, 2007). as stubborn as ever yet presenting a kaleidoscopic take on aesthetics and texture, "history works" depicts no. 5’s and no. 9’s somnambulistic ability to forge equally dense and minimalistic tapestries of sound. again, the approach seems driven by intuition as much as by the endless search for the most interesting sound, resulting in a different cornucopia of righteous melodies. over the years the first-take approach along with the improv-method lead e jugend into the true heart of compositional darkness, fitting perfectly to the specific setting of these recordings.
 original and witty kraut excursions done by sophisticated masters of this genre.

edition of 100 hand-numbered 180gr vinyl copies.
vinyl comes in polylined paper sleeves,
pro-printed hand-affixed book cover cloth on black cardbord jacket.
cover arts presented by jrygen ueberschär.

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