Donnerstag, 11. Februar 2016


trikorder 23 

niko the charming geek, alone with friends, locked in a space with trees and a table, which is covered for all. everything stops around you and it takes a while until you realize that it only runs much slower.
he simply took this old, detuned guitar in the night and played.
so, naturally the guitar fell in love with him and they became good friends.
and whenever niko left the studio to visit his beautiful wife and his lovely daughter at the city,
the guitar started to cry. 
the more you turn the record,
the clearer are the little voices of the sad guitar in empty space. 
so, sit down! (cristof wlemang)
 charming and poetic tracks to bewitch you and your family. 
celebrate life and spin this record.


edition of 100 hand-numbered 180gr vinyl copies.
vinyl comes in polylined paper sleeves,
pro-printed hand-affixed book cover cloth on black cardbord jacket.
cover arts presented by jrygen ueberschär.

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